Internet Of Things

The World, Fully Inter-Connected

Decentralized & Inter-Connected

Cygnus Internet Of Things applications are based on Cygnus Blockchain Network, Cygnus Telecom and Pandora Data Transfer Protocol (DTP), enabling Universal zero-cost decentralized data storage, advanced security, scalability, transparency, immutability and more within Cygnus Ecosystem.

The goal of Cygnus Internet Of Things is to create a blockchain-based decentralized and inter-connected network of devices globally distributed among homes, vehicles, cities and humans supporting the growing amount of over 50 billion internet connected devices globally distributed.

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Global Brain

"Innovation Highlight"

Cygnus Network Global Brain is the vision of the creation of a network connecting all the world's technology and communication, enabling one single distributed information processing system and data storage based on Cygnus Blockchain Network.

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