Cygnus Wallets

Safely Store Data, Cygnus Tokens & Smart Contracts

Cygnus Digital Wallet

Cygnus Digital Wallet enables zero cost, globally accessible & secure storage & transfer of data, smart contracts and Cygnus Token, in addition integrates multiple features & functionalities enabling secure and easy usage of Cygnus products & services; blockchain based storage, User verification (KYC), 2 factors authentication and other security measures ensure an high level of safety.

Data Storage

Safely store files or any other type of software data without limits in Cygnus Wallet data storage solution based on Cygnus Cloud, which could be online or offline based. Keep your Identity secured and personally owned by utilizing Cygnus Identity data records.

Cygnus Token

Cygnus Digital Wallet enables a simple Token Acquisition system for Cygnus tokens through a very easy to use & user-friendly platform where users are able to access Cygnus Token within seconds & learn about blockchain technology.

Cygnus Pay

Cygnus Pay is Cygnus Payment Software Protocol Solution applied to Cygnus Network which facilitates free trade of products & services within Cygnus Ecosystem and enables regulated transaction mechanics through smart contracts needed in order to provide transparency, security & fairness. Cygnus Wallets already enable the zero cost instant transfer of Cygnus Token, but when purchasing a product or service, there are some regulations needed in order to prevent fraud and technical issues to arise, that is why we must use Cygnus Pay in order to transact within Cygnus platforms, a common example would be a user that might send a payment with a lesser amount of tokens than the one specified, in that case the transaction will be canceled. This mechanic is meant to be automatic, with integration within Cygnus Network by default.

Cygnus E-Sports Integration

By integrating Cygnus Skill-based E-sports through Cygnus Digital Wallet we enable the highest level of security, in this case Cygnus Tokens are stored and adopted within the platform directly from the personal wallet of the users, which means the probability to get hacked are reduced almost to 0, the only way for an hacker to breach the system would be hacking one by one each user wallet bypassing all the security measures, with features such as password, 2 factor authentication and others, it is almost impossible to accomplish.

Cygnus Hardware Wallet

Cygnus Hardware Wallet enables users to store Data, Smart contracts & Cygnus Tokens offline, while on Cygnus Digital Wallet your private keys are stored on the local system by users, through Cygnus Hardware Wallet, the private keys, the most important part of the wallet, cannot be taken out. Cygnus Hardware Wallet enables the same features of Cygnus Digital Wallet.

Access & Backup

Cygnus Hardware Wallet can be accessed through bluetooth or USB cable compatible with devices such as laptops, pcs, tablets and smartphones. Your account/s can be restored on any Cygnus Hardware device, using a confidential 24-word recovery phrase.