Cygnus M.R. / V.R.

Virtual Reality + Mixed Reality, The New Reality

Cygnus V.R. / M.R.

Cygnus Virtual Reality (V.R.) & Cygnus Mixed Reality (M.R.) is a virtual & mixed reality ecosysem supported by Cygnus V.R. / M.R. tools such as Cygnus V.R Mask + Headset, Cygnus Tactile interfaces and other extesions. The ecosystem is able to be utilized through Cygnus compatible devices & softwares and Cygnus Gaming platform/ecosystem connected via bluetooth or wireless. The tools allow users to fully immerse themselves in virtual environments from what they see & hear to what they touch and feel giving birth to new applications to explore.

Cygnus V.R. / M.R. Mask + Headset

Cygnus V.R. / M.R. Mask + Headset is an all in one visual and auditory system which enable users to fully immerse view and sound into mixed reality and in-game universes, by being attached to Cygnus Tactile Interfaces and Cygnus Gaming Vest / exoskeleton is able to give birth to a whole new world of feelings and experiences.

Cygnus Tactile Interfaces

Cygnus Tactile interfaces is an all in one tactile interfaces system, the world's first of its kind, which is able to optimize the feeling of fully touching and feeling mixed & virtual environments & objects and are divided in various tools such as:


- Haptic Feedback Suits, Gloves and Shoes;

- Haptic Feedback Exoskeletons;


- Movement sets which require very small spacing and allowing free, easy motion are foundational infrastructure to enable V.R. / M.R. based locomotion experience, making you feel to be in the virtual world and walk, run, sprint, crouch and more.

- Various Feelings integrations such as sensation of hot & cold, pleasure and others.


Cygnus V.R. & M.R. through Cygnus Neuroheadset integrate neurotechnology application based on Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI), which allow users to utilize the virtual reality through their brain only, the system works by the interpretation of biometric brain signals and the translation into actions. Locomotion and any other action is done through the mind without using any external controller.


Cygnus Virtual Reality (V.R.) & Cygnus Mixed Reality (M.R.) ecosystem has the potential to be applied in multiple industries such as healthcare, training & education, gaming, social networking, simulation, aerospace and more.

Cygnus Omniverse / Crazeshine

Cygnus Virtual Reality (V.R.) integration into Cygnus Multiverse, Life Social Network and Crazeshine video game will be a concrete future application of the developed solutions for multiple usecases, which will make the virtual world match the real one.


Cygnus Virtual Reality (V.R.) & Cygnus Mixed Reality (M.R.) ecosysem will evolve into neurotechnology based infrastructures and interfaces mentioned in Neural Pandora, allowing you to be integrated directly within the virtual scenarios.