Cygnus Marketplace

We Are Not An Intermediary, But A Network Which Connects People Together.

What is it ?

Cygnus marketplace is the most user-friendly & interactive, world's first and only community powered all in one peer to peer open global e-commerce ecosystem for all your needs within just 1 click away divided in thousands of categories with the core software infrastructure under development 20 years, Cygnus is flexible, dynamic, secure; users are able to take advantage of the following features:

- One Network, Cygnus e-commerce ecosystem enables the creation of one single platform eliminating the need to swap between millions of different applications in 200+ countries;

- 24h/7d online customer assistance service which aims to solve the current bad customer assistance industry gap experienced by 80% of the internet users;

- No ratings, several billions e-commerce ratings posted per year are fake, over 90% of the consumers have read fake reviews last year, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) estimates fake reviews potentially influence $30Bn of customer spending each year in UK only. Cygnus is the world’s first ecommerce platform which removes ratings in order to ensure there are no fakes, everyone is at the same level and people are not badly influenced, Cygnus itself verifies merchants, products & services to assure their reliability;

- Quality over quantity and Anti - counterfits system, Cygnus, verifies and approves merchants before the usage of the platform as well as strictly prohibits listings of counterfit items as written on our Legal Policies, but that may not be enough, as we have already seen with other e-commerce platforms, that's why we also implement "Cygnus verification of quality" for products & services which are sold within our platform once an account is approved;

- Cygnus Choice & Cygnus Innovation categories, enabling, after rigorous assessment and selection selection, the identification and offering of the most exclusive and innovative products respectively. In case of Cygnus Choice, there is a integration limit of max. 40 to 100 products at a time;

- Cygnus Eco-Friendly category, divided in products aimed to sustain the environment, consuming and requiring low amount of energy and/or other resources to function and/or be produced.


- Deal By Zone section, which enables everyone to receive any kind of product or service where preferred based on their location instantly or within a very short period of time;


- Cygnus Marketplace Week,​ twice a year for the period of 7 days each time, you are able to find amazing discounts on all the products available, up to 80%, sort of a Black Friday.

- Europe focused physical products trade, In Europe there are millions of scattered e-commerce stores, lacking of a main e-commerce platform at 90%+, by implementing Cygnus e-commerce network we solve this huge gap and enable the access to a new world of opportunities, comfort & freedom;

- Cygnus Logistics service, through global connections covering 200+ countries around the world we enable sellers to reach their audience easily & quickly globally, improving efficiency, mechanics and usually increasing customers and revenue;

- Cygnus Delivery service, community powered delivery business service able to be started by anyone in the world exclusively for Cygnus Marketplace vendors. Vendors can adopt the service through community based support in up to 200+ countries.

- Cygnus Marketplace Startup Accellerator, focusing on providing education, mentorship, funding, product innovation, brand design and more in order to enable new trends to be created by increasing awerness.

- Custom performance based advertising services able to increase business awareness for vendors stores by up to X80 compared to similar platforms.

- Cygnus world's first Universal community based program for major publishers and content creators which enables instant and unlimited earning potential increase compared to similar platforms; based on the program, we enable Cygnus Managed Channel Service, whether you are an Individual, a Startup or a Global 500 brand, we will manage your accounts and campaigns enabling result-driven enterprise-level management with Profile/Brand integrity guarantee. Learn more at Cygnus Marketplace Affiliate Program.

- E-learning, integration of the "Courses" section, we aim to create verified & reliable connections within the ecosystem between students and professors to easily learn anything online;

- Cygnus Virtual Reality (V.R.) integration for products, able to be shown in a virtual environment and viewed as 3D objects through the regular desktop/mobile interface or virtual reality tools.

- Connection with software extensions such as Cygnus Services, Cygnus B2B MarketCygnus Bookings & Cygnus Directory.

- The possibility to adopt Cygnus Token with the related benefits displayed below.

Cygnus Token Integration

By taking advantage of specific Cygnus Tools within Cygnus Ecosystem, every user is easily able to generate Cygnus tokens for free while providing a great contribution in the support of the network by being an active user, which will lead also to the free Token Distribution to the same, once an amount of Cygnus tokens is generated, users can utilize the tokens within the ecosystem to pay for unlimited free shipping and free products & services forever.


Private Beta Information

Cygnus Marketplace is currently in Private Beta release, which means that the platform is complete and already tested for 10+* months through hundreds of different release versions, however, some relatively small technical issues may arise and some services, functions & features may not work entirely as expected. The Public Beta (Public Version) is scheduled for release in 2021, after over 2+ years of work in terms of legal & financial structuring, research & analysis, strategies creation, risk & project management, human resources, design, software development, technology, business and marketing connections of over 5 million targeted companies with active revenues between 5-6 and high 11 figures including 30+ Global 500 companies and around 1 billion targeted people in 200+ countries from the beginning of Cygnus Marketplace Concept.

Private Beta Access Link:, Current Version: V.3.8.35*

Platform Evolution

Some of the sections listed on Cygnus marketplace will evolve into their own platforms to create a more user-friendly & easier usable service integrating more features & improvements into the products. In addition in regards to Pandora we have already have a completely new and revolutionary Marketplace structure, design & interface which has nothing to do with the current platform and has never been applied before in any e-commerce portal.