Cygnus B2B Market

Connecting Businesses, Opening New Opportunities

What is Cygnus B2B Market ?

Cygnus B2B Market is a software extension of Cygnus Marketplace, which offers B2B related wholesale products divided in thousands of different categories integrating all the features and benefits of Cygnus Marketplace and Cygnus Ecosystem, included but not limited to Cygnus Quality verification metric, Cygnus Token usage & Cygnus community powered model with related features.

Industrial Tools

Within Cygnus B2B Market you can find wholesale retail product offerings as well as industrial equipment, materials and tools on a global scale, enabling to access trusted sellers and to provide every business with the targeted resources they need.


Through Cygnus B2B Market extension you can acccess suppliers and retail re-sellers worldwide, enabling the creation of a new trustworthy network in combination with Cygnus Marketplace Retail platform and Cygnus Business Network connection, which enable to reach targeted customers in almost every product niche.